Heart & Soul of the Blue Giraffe

Our Artists

Creators of Beauty & Joy!

Our artists, authors and artisans, and their inspired creations, are the heart and soul of The Blue Giraffe! Most of our artists are local or from the Southeast region, and many sought us out when looking for a unique gallery along Hwy 30A in which to sell their work. This humbles us and we consider it a great responsibility to represent these amazingly talented artisans and authors. We are grateful for their trust and loyalty, and strive to always represent them with the highest level of integrity.

Because our gallery is small, we are very selective about what we choose to sell. The artwork has to be a good fit with our happy, upbeat vibe. We also try to carry original designs that are exclusive to The Blue Giraffe. More importantly, we choose to work with artists who are truly passionate about their work, understand great customer service, and are just fun, honest, positive people.

Sharing the work of our incredible group of artists, which brings joy to the wonderful people who visit our shop, is an amazing experience!

If you are an artist or author who would like to be considered for representation by our gallery, click here.

~ Christi Sheffield, co-owner & artist

ARTIST: a person who creates art; who is skilled at drawing, painting, etc.
AUTHOR: one who composes or writes a novel, poem, essay, etc.
ARTISAN: a person who is skilled at making things by hand.

Aaron Sutton

artist / graphic designer

Connie Snellgrove

jewelry artisan

Juliene Watson

pottery artisan

Mary Spano

jewelry artisan

Pam Gallagher

jewelry artisan

Vaughan Greene

pottery artisan