Ruthie Carlson

Ruthie-Carlson-Profile-PicI’m Ruthie Carlson. I married the man of my dreams and we have five amazing children. My favorite thing in the whole world is being a wife and a mom. My next favorite thing is creating in my studio.

I cannot remember a day when I did not have a paintbrush in my hand…or crayons or glue or scissors for that matter. I am that girl that dreams in big color and wakes up every morning with creative thoughts and ideas literally flooding my mind. Like so many of you, I have created all my life, whether I was picking a paint color for my bedroom or decorating the kitchen for a child’s birthday breakfast. I love almost every medium from drawing to mixed media, though my medium of choice is oil paint. My style is loose and impressionistic. I enjoy painting most anything from farm life to still life, but my favorite subject to paint is figurative.

My love for painting and my need to create is my gift from the Lord. Truly, it is my joy to give it back to Him everyday. I adore every opportunity to share Christ in my artful journey. My deepest desire is that God would use me and my gifts to glorify Himself and bring others to know Him personally. At the end of the day, it’s all about Jesus.

Love love love,