Stacy Radford

Stacy-Radford-Profile-PicStacy Radford colors outside the lines, creating fun, whimsical mixed media art. Her unique pieces take many twists and turns, like a winding boardwalk to the beach, until something joyful, playful and absolutely colorful is revealed at the end.

She typically begins by layering torn paper, vintage lace, corrugated cardboard and a multitude of found objects on canvas. Then Stacy paints an image of something happy and idyllic, such as a playful mermaid, vibrant flowers, or perhaps a simple beach pail. As the layers of color and texture evolve, an emotional connection begins to form, often with a well-known phrase or popular song lyrics flowing from the images and objects. “It’s seeing objects and ideas in a unique and uplifting way, getting messy painting with my fingers or even a BBQ brush, leading to a celebration on canvas that explores the joy of a life worth living.”

Stacy is perhaps best known as the former owner of Fired Up Seaside, a popular pottery painting studio where she created colorful art from 2004-2015. “I’m pretty sure that I’ve shown more folks how to paint a palm tree than most other artists on 30A” she teases with a big smile. Born in Jacksonville Beach, this true Florida native now creates from her home studio in Santa Rosa Beach.
Stacy Radford’s philosophy as an artist is that it’s way more fun to color outside the lines. “I am an artist because I love taking ordinary materials and objects and manipulating them into something totally new and unique. Art can be fun and nonrestrictive; art shouldn’t all fit into the same box. I don’t create with an end result in mind, nor draw it out ahead of time – I let it take shape as it goes. My hope is that those who see and take home my art feel the same joy and inspirations that I see, surrounded by the natural beauty that unfolds daily along the beaches of South Walton.”