Linda Fisher

Linda Fisher Profile with Cat_webIf I were to gather up some of what I love most in this world … animals of all kinds would be at the top of the list. Furry ones, feathery ones and the swimmy kind that live in the sea! I would include the beach and the blue sky, the sun and moon and stars, and cherries and marshmallows, and my VW Bug!

Mix in a bunch of kindness, love, happiness, music and lots of beautiful sparkly light … stir all of that up in my head … that’s what trickles down and lands on my canvas!

One of my biggest inspirations and favorite things to do is to walk on the beach at sunset. I love looking at all of the colors from the sunlight that reflects through the water as the waves wash up on the sand. The colors shimmer and change by the second. I call them God Colors because I see colors that I can’t even name! Maybe it’s a little glimpse into Heaven?!?

So, I try to put these things into my paintings and hope that I can capture the light and feelings of happiness and wonder to send back out into the world! Also, if you look closely, you will find two little special sunshines in every painting in memory of two of my beloved kitties.

I am mostly a self-taught artist and I am so grateful that Christi and Debbie at The Blue Giraffe believed in me and gave me a space in their wonderful gallery!!!

My husband, David, is a recently retired fire fighter. Yes, he rescued me so I decided to keep him! We live in Hoover, Alabama in the house I grew up in. We don’t have any people children, but we adore our fur children … three dogs (shhhhh, they don’t know they are dogs!!), five kitties and two little birds.