Laura Lambert

Laura Lambert Profile PicLaural Designs Jewelry is hand-crafted, repurposed, one-of-a-kind designs incorporating elements personally sourced from all over the world.

My name is Laura Lambert, wife of a wonderful husband and mother of four super sons. Now that my boys are all grown up (or just-about all grown up), I am happily pursuing my passion, and desire to share it with others.

I have always had a deep attraction to color, texture, objects of beauty, and finding the beauty in everyday objects in my everyday surroundings. In an attempt to keep my hands busy, this passion found its expression in different ways and mediums, but I have fallen in love with jewelry making.

I am a self-taught jewelry artist and have been making jewelry for ten years. I have taught several informal classes and it is always exciting for me to share in the joy someone experiences in discovering their hidden creative side.

I am always keen on learning something new in jewelry making and design. I enjoy exploring new techniques, experimenting with different elements, and seeing the surprising results. I hope you will, too!