Mary Hong

Mary Hong’s Artwork

With Midwestern roots and a passport so full she’s on her third set of pages, Mary Hong has found her niche in kiln-formed glass art, glass mosaics and recycled glass artwork.   From masterful glass mosaics to architectural complements in fused glass, Mary has developed a niche market, but in an ever-expanding range, from high-end wall mosaics to whimsical glass night-lights.

Mary’s love of art and design began at an early age and has been refined through her degree in design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, workshops, and self-teaching. But it has been a lifetime of travel abroad that has brought creativity, imagination, and inspiration to her medium.  Her work graces the walls and rooms of many of Florida’s finest homes and establishments, with one-of-a-kind glass panels and tiles, wall and window mosaics, and mixed media glass creations; and can be viewed on-line at

Her newest series in mixed media glass is a revisit to tempered glass.  “I went through that phase over 10 years ago.  I moved into wine bottles, vintage bottles, then back and forth through a gobzillion other mediums but glass has always prevailed.  And now, I’m back to the tempered stuff.  I crack up the glass (think sledge hammer), dye it, mix it with vintage jewelry, beads, fairy dust, found objects.  Sometimes I slather it with gold and silver leaf, then I mix it with other shattered remains of lamps, dinnerware, and lately, an old shower door…the stories this glass could tell…”

Mary is a member of the Cultural Arts Alliance, the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation and the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA).  Mary resides in Destin Florida with her husband, 5 yr old twins, and a lot of glass.