Paint outside your lines in our new Creative Space!

Guess what we did? Turned our bookroom into a classroom full of colorful art and happy vibes, where locals and visitors can explore their artistic side. And, we’ve lined up some of our amazing artists to teach Creative Classes so they can share their techniques, artistic passion, and big hearts with you. We also have authors scheduled to hold creative writing and journaling workshops. And, other pros will be teaching Creative Classes such as floral arranging, jewelry making, interior design tips, and fiber Bigo Live for pc

In case you’re wondering what happened to our great selection of gift books, they’re now in our front room, in a beautiful little Book Nook. We are gradually adding books to our eStore for your purchasing enjoyment.

Check out our Creative Classes and let your imagination run free!
Be inspired. Nurture your soul. You’re worth it.


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Paint Like a Rock Star

with artist Aaron Sutton

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Paint Therapy

with artist Shannon Harris

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Upcycled Art

with The Moore Family Folk Art

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Creative Writing Boot Camp

with author Beth Hermes

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Power of Journaling

with author & life coach Miriam Ezell

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License Plate Art

Recycled Art Co.


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