Juliana Stewart


Author ~ Whispers of the Sea

As a young girl I remember seeing the ocean for the first time.  I don’t remember if it was the colors of the water, the unmistakable sound of the waves or my first footprint in the sand that left such a strong impression, but I do remember feeling more alive than ever before.  Whether it was the sun against my skin, the salt air in my face or the feel of the water refreshing my soul, one thing was certain… I knew I was home.

I have traveled and visited many shores, and it matters not what state or country I am in; I hear the familiar call of the sea drawing me near, and I find rest upon its shores.

It was later in life that I began to listen more intently to the call of the sea.  I realized that if I was very still, the sea would drown out the noise of the world around me and I could hear the whispers of the Lord speaking words of wisdom to my soul.  Peace would flood in and time would evaporate.  I was more alive than ever before and falling in love with the giver of my soul.

When life allowed, I began to go for a month at a time.  My purpose was to find a place that I could return to again and again. It would require a balcony, overlooking the ocean so that any time, night or day, I could go there and listen for His voice.  It was from this balcony that I learned a new perspective on life along with the treasures that I hope to share with others.

I suppose a balcony—or even an ocean for that matter—is not required to hear his voice.  One might look for him on a mountain or in a closet at home and he is faithful to answer.   I have found that for me, it is necessary to seek out a quiet place, to be still, and to listen intently in order to hear His whispers.

“Though I have never fully understood the calling of the sea, I have come to realize that I hear his breath as the waves beat the shores and when I listen intently, I hear His voice.”

Be still and know that I am GOD.