November is a special time to appreciate life’s everyday abundance. We offer inspiring gifts and easy tips that will bring the spirit of Thanksgiving into your home:

• Start a journal. Make it a point to spend a few minutes each day writing down the things you are thankful for. The Write Now Journal: “In everything, give thanks” provides dozens of lined pages and thoughtful quotes to help you count your blessings.

• Say “Thank You.” Thank your spouse, friend, neighbor, or waitress. Be sincere and specific. Too often we let the opportunity to express our appreciation pass.

• Give a little gift. Thanks a Bunch is a thoughtful way to express your appreciation to the special people in you life. Personalize the gift book with a note.

• Share your gratitude. Openly acknowledge life’s abundances. Tell friends and family. Gratitude is contagious so don’t be surprised if others adopt your thankful spirit.

The Blue Giraffe invites customers to pick up a gift and think of the meaningful ways they can stay grateful this Thanksgiving.