The Sea of Books Room

One of my greatest joys comes from sharing my tremendous love of books with others! My motivation for our little book room, ‘A Sea of Books’, comes from wanting to share the feelings, wisdom and imagination that reading provokes. Every title has been hand-selected and each book is meant to bring the reader something good … inspiration, pleasure, a deeper faith, knowledge, laughter. You’ll find a diverse collection from fun beach reads and unique cookbooks to deep devotionals and award-winning children’s titles to inspirational memoirs and New York Times best-sellers. We proudly represent local authors and stories that take place in this magical area we call 30A.

I have a deep passion for the written word and great respect for the writers whose stories have opened up new worlds and taken me to places I could only have known through reading. I am humbled by the wisdom and joy these authors have imparted in their writings and simply want to pass it on.


~ Debbie Taylor, co-owner & bookworm