Pearl Bracelet by Skyylar Designs

Linda celebrated The Blue Giraffe’s 2nd anniversary with us on November 2, 2012.  She joyfully went home with a beautiful pearl bracelet, handcrafted by local artisan Christy Haynes of Skyylar Designs.



November is a special time to appreciate life’s everyday abundance. We offer inspiring gifts and easy tips that will bring the spirit of Thanksgiving into your home:

• Start a journal. Make it a point to spend a few minutes each day writing down the things you are thankful for. The Write Now Journal: “In everything, give thanks” provides dozens of lined pages and thoughtful quotes to help you count your blessings.

• Say “Thank You.” Thank your spouse, friend, neighbor, or waitress. Be sincere and specific. Too often we let the opportunity to express our appreciation pass.

• Give a little gift. Thanks a Bunch is a thoughtful way to express your appreciation to the special people in you life. Personalize the gift book with a note.

• Share your gratitude. Openly acknowledge life’s abundances. Tell friends and family. Gratitude is contagious so don’t be surprised if others adopt your thankful spirit.

The Blue Giraffe invites customers to pick up a gift and think of the meaningful ways they can stay grateful this Thanksgiving.


Mary Hong “People’s Choice Award”

Mary Hong was voted “People’s Choice Award” at Destin Festival of the Arts. This gifted, incredibly talented, mixed-media artist was also the 2012 Mattie Kelly Arts Festival poster winner.  The Blue Giraffe is honored to represent Mary Hong and share her beautiful creations with art lovers on 30A.
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Aaron Sutton – South Walton’s Colorblind Artist

Published in The Walton Sun on April 20, 2011, by Deborah Wheeler


Aaron Sutton says he has been an artist since he was a little kid and spent his time drawing pictures of his classmates. That little kid is now 30 and makes his living as an artist along the beaches of South Walton. When he is not doing graphic design for a local real estate company, Sutton can probably be found outdoors – on the beaches of one of the state parks or in one of the local resort’s parks doing what he loves to do – paint. What he paints is whatever he sees, whether it’s people, thee beach, the gulf, the local wildlife, or Seaside box download


Suttons ability to pick up on his surroundings is astounding, unless you consider, as he says, “When you have a disability, your other senses are heightened.” Sutton’s disability is that he is color blind. When asked how he knows what colors to put on is canvases, he jokes, “The names of the colors are on the tubes.”


“ I learned to work with it – and to my advantage. Some people are overly concerned about color. But people see color combinations in my paintings they wouldn’t have expected but that turned out cool,” he said.


Surprisingly, however, Sutton’s use of color combinations seems to mesh perfectly, or they appear to have been purposely mis-matched to create an outstanding mesmerizing scene that captures a viewer’s attention. Painting mostly on canvas with acrylics, Sutton stretches the canvas himself. “I build everything that I can myself,” he said.


The artist moved to South Walton 3 and a half years ago from Lubbock, Texas, with no real ties to the area. “My wife and I met at Texas Tech and when we got married we decided to go somewhere different and came here,” he says nonchalantly.


His main goal in choosing the beach was to be inspired and do more painting, he says. Sutton was familiar with the area as he had vacationed here previously, and had even lived here for a summer. In addition, he got engaged here. “I moved here right after college and surfed for a while,” he said.


Sutton’s artwork is carried by The Blue Giraffe at WaterColor, where the artist sometimes does painting demos and paints onsite.

Read more about Aaron here or visit his website here.