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Meet the founders of Kissingtour, Tara & Mike Myers, and authors of “Pink Chair No Underwear: 19 Confessions From One Madly In Love Couple”. Journaling their life one kiss at a time and changing the way the world sees love, they’ve kissed in 9 countries, 27 states, and counting. The best friends live with their two pink chairs.


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Friday, April 17 – Book Signing at The Blue Giraffe on 30A, Florida’s Scenic Highway


The 30A community is invited to celebrate spring and a whole lot of love with us during our exclusive book signing of Pink Chair No Underwear: 19 Confessions From One Madly In Love Couple. The event will be held on Friday, April 17 from 10:30am to 12:30pm at The Blue Giraffe, located on 30A in the heart of WaterColor’s Town Center. The Blue Giraffe is one gallery you don’t want to miss! This past summer, we had the pleasure of meeting Debbie and Christi (mother-daughter owners!) and of course, we couldn’t resist neckin’ with Jeanie the giraffe. See you on 30A!

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Exclusive to The Blue Giraffe and Kissingtour … handmade with love by artist Michelle Shiess


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From Pink Chair No Underwear: 19 Confessions From One Madly In Love Couple:

What if you redesigned your life and set out to change the way the world sees love? One kiss at a time …


Tara and Mike Myers did just that. Suffocating under the weight of stuff and unfulfilled with the mainstream shuffle, this magnetic duo – twins, some say – took a giant leap from life’s moving walkway to the path less traveled. Way less traveled. It was then that the breadcrumbs began to appear, leading them on a zigging, zagging, exhilarating journey to the place where the magic happens.


They share a brain. Possible a childhood? Definitely a heart. How did this couple, 10 years apart, combine their passions and gain the confidence to conceive of a plan to redefine married love? In their shockingly candid, deeply moving, and witty book, the kissers reveal 19 confessions that explain how – and why – they live big and kiss often.

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