Silk Art Scarves

Gary Beaudin is a true Renaissance Man. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the State University of NY and has travelled quite a bit from NY to California having made the trip three times on a motorcycle. Gary has a passion for renovating old houses, having done eleven so far, three of them with Valerie. An avid wood worker, Gary and Valerie used to create authentic Celtic Treasure Boxes until the opportunity to learn about Ebru (water marbling) came along.

Valerie Lynch is a retired Opera Singer who has always loved working with wood and doing different things. She has a degree from the Crane School of Music in NY, and a Masters degree from the University of Texas. She retired from touring in 2002, and finally from education in 2012, which is when she approached a former art major classmate from her undergraduate days. Not wanting to stay at home and be sedentary, Valerie apprenticed under her friend who is a Master Ebru artist in Virginia. After learning about Ebru, Valerie and Gary decided to take it “on the road” and share this wonderful art form.

Ebru is the art of floating dyes onto a water surface and then using a stylus, stakes or combs to make intricate patterns with the dyes on top of the water surface. Gary and Valerie then stretch a 72”x14” silk scarf onto the water surface and the design is instantly absorbed by the silk. The scarf is then dragged off the water and rinsed in a water bath. The customer takes the scarf home in a baggie to dry.

The designs can be simple and abstract, or more intricate, making chevron, peacock and other beautiful patterns. Either way, the scarf is always one of a kind!

Gary and Valerie are thrilled to be part of The Blue Giraffe family this summer creating unique and one of a kind scarves. For the little girls, these scarves can be tied to make them into a vest to wear, or as a beach sarong/coverup. The possibilities are endless!

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