Lynn Renshaw

Lynn (center) with gallery owners, Christi & Debbie


Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Lynn discovered a passion for art very early on, and was one of the founding members of the “Art Gang” in her high school. Combining her passion for all things visual with an intense love of music, she began to realize that she saw the world in a little different way than other artists or musicians. Lynn received a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art, focusing on fabric design, with a minor in music. After graduation, although she found it necessary to focus her career to the corporate world, her heart and her hobbies never left the arts she so dearly loved. Artistically, she painted and worked on visual effects for her church and both local theatre and orchestras, and musically Lynn both sang and played piano in church productions and choirs, in musicals and with orchestras, making for a fulfilled artistic life.

Lynn has fought cancer since 2005, finding solace and joy in her whimsical sense of humor and quirky way of seeing the world. It was during her latest fight, in 2012, that she began to envision using some of the encouraging quotes that have helped her fight with such a positive attitude, in her visual work.

Realizing that hurdles come in many forms and affect us all in some way, Lynn dedicates her paintings, her music, and her life to lifting up others any way she is able. She truly hopes that you are lightened by her art.